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Concrete Mixers: What You Need To Know


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In the dynamic world of construction projects where efficiency and precision are paramount, concrete mixer machines play a pivotal role. These machines are unsung heroes behind every solid structure that we see made of brick and lime. It provides a perfect blend of cement, aggregates and water. Whether you are a seasonal contractor or DIY enthusiast embarking on a home improvement project, understanding the nitty gritty of concrete mixer machine is essential. Discover the essential guide to concrete mixers: From various types like Drum, Pan, Twin Shaft, Vertical Shaft to factors affecting pricing. In this blog we will deal with key aspects that one needs to know about these versatile tools. Each type of concrete mixer machine is tailored to meet certain criteria and project needs.

Types of concrete mixers

  • Drum Concrete Mixers Machines

Drum Concrete Mixers are traditional work-horses of the construction site. Drum concrete mixer machines consist of a rotating drum lodged in a yoke, mounted on a swivel to easy pouring of the discharge. The tilt helps in decanting the ready concrete directly into pump or tower hoist. It offers flexibility in handling smaller batches of concrete. It is commonly called as 10/7 concrete mixer machines because of its capability to deliver 7 cu-ft of concrete from 10 cu-ft of aggregate with cement and water.

  • Pan Concrete mixer Machines

It is perfect for precise homogeneous mix in small batches and has got a noticeable stationary pan with rotating blades that ensures thorough mix. They are often used in precast concrete production where precision and homogeneity is vital. 


  • Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Machines

Twin shaft concrete mixer machines are used in projects that require high mixing efficiency and fast mixing capabilities. They consist of two synchronized horizontal shafts with mixing arms that deliver a thorough mix that can be monitored and controlled by PLC based operation. They out forms every other concrete mixer in the sheer quantity of concrete delivered in record time. They are known for the consistency of the concrete that is delivered in a short time.

  • Vertical Shaft Concrete Mixer Machines

This type of concrete mixer is tailor made for projects that has limited space. It has got a vertical mixing shaft to move materials upwards, ensuring intense mixing actions. They are ideal for producing specialized mixes like self compacting concrete. 

  • Reverse Drum Concrete Mixer Machines

These unique mixers have the capability to rotate in both directions and work on the principle of Archimedes screw. Forward rotation ensures a uniform mix and reverse to discharge concrete mix. 

Factors affecting price of a concrete mixer

The price of a concrete mixer machine varies significantly on several factors.

Type and capacity

Different types of concrete mixer are used according to certain needs in a project. These needs are directly responsible for the price of a concrete mixer. Large projects would require machines with higher output whereas smaller projects would need machines with comparatively lower output. Larger capacities with more sophistication will lead to higher costs. 

Brand and Quality

More established and renowned brands with a reputation for quality will come at a premium price. Investing in a reliable brand will result in long-term saving through enhanced durability and performance. 


Additional features like digital PLC based control and mobility and volume of output are the factors that determine the price of a concrete mixer. 

Choosing the right mixer for your project

Project scale, material requirements and mobility together determines the nature and capacity of concrete mixer machines that has to be used. Depending on the needs of a project one might require a stationary Pan-Mixers or depending on mobility a 10/7 concrete mixer might prove indispensable. Again based on space availability one might also go for vertical shaft concrete mixers. Any way to ensure longevity and optimal performance proper maintenance and care has to be undertaken like lubrication, maintaining cleanliness and periodic inspections. It occupies the center stage of and construction projects enabling creation of strong and reliable structures. Understanding the types and factors affecting the price along with considerations for choosing the right mixer for your project empowers you to make informed decisions. By investing in the right concrete mixer, you not only ensure the success of your project but with the right maintenance you ensure its longevity too. As we start our quest into finding the appropriate mixer for our project we need to remember that a well mixed foundation sets the stage for a well built structure. 

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