Concrete Mixer Machine


Jaypee® Concrete Mixer Machine  of 10/7 capacity has a reputation of strength, rigidity and extended life. It is a reliable choice for any concrete mixing requirement. It adheres to the guidelines established by the Bureau of Indian Standard (IS 1791:1968). Hence this machine ensures a uniform mix, for a reliable operation. Its robust design and longevity has been unrivaled since the inception of Jaypee® 40 years ago. It is a dependable choice for various construction applications, owing to its operability under all environmental conditions. Jaypee India Limited is the largest construction equipment manufacturing unit of India, and its 1 bag concrete mixer machine is one of the flagship products.

Popularly known as cement mixer machine, it is used to mix cement, aggregates like sand, gravel, and water to form concrete. Quality concrete is often used for construction of a strong base in buildings. These cement mixing machines are an essential concrete batching device that are used across the construction industry.




  • Easy to operate
  • Convenient discharge
  • Fabricated yoke to give optimum performance
  • Wide Wheel base to give better stability
  • Easy swivel arrangement
  • Convenience of lubrication
  • Easy to transport chassis
  • Mixing drum for fast perfect mixing
  • Extra efficient transmission
  • Optional hopper that discharges in record time
  • Minimum maintenance with resistant to rust
  • Both mixer and vertical lifting bucket can be operated by a single person
  • Optional electronic load cell system with diesel or electric powered concrete mixers


Time and again our concrete mixer machines have proven itself as an essential piece of equipment because of its durability and reliability in operation. Our machine comes with a whole gamut of additional safety features.These are quite innovative to meet the dynamic requirements of the most building and construction businesses in India. We have got a team of skilled after sales servicemen, to ensure the machines are maintained and repaired whenever required. Jaypee® concrete mixer machine price is quite affordable, and that makes it the most sought after equipment in the construction industry. There are several other benefits and features, resulting from our very own research and development team. The first and foremost benefit is its easy operability, convenient discharge and hassle-free maintenance. Specially built mixing blades that are mounted on the inside surface of the tiltable drum are housed in a fabricated yoke that ensures strength during operation. It also reduces residual build up in the drum. The mixing drum that is lodged inside the yoke provides for an easy swivel system to ensure optimum performance and enhanced operability. 


10/7 concrete mixers machine has derived its name from the ratio of 10 cu-ft of cement, sand & gravel collectively called as aggregates, mixed with water producing 7 cu-ft of concrete.  A wide wheel base provides better stability & reduces machine “wear”. Convenience in lubrication makes it stay operational for a longer duration, thus increasing its longevity. Easy to transport chassis, allows it to be towed behind a variety of vehicles. Extra efficient transmission ensures reduced power-loss, boosting its fuel efficiency. Industrial sized tiltable drum 10/7 concrete mixer machine capacity, to deliver quality concrete mix in a batching time of lower than 4 minutes is noteworthy. Optional hoppers that may be 1 or 3 bags, as per customer or site requirement, saves time and increases the ease of operation. That is because the hopper helps discharge concrete right into the optional hoist bucket or any available concrete pump. All of the stated features together enable our machine to be operated by a single personnel with a short training. 

                                  It is a dependable choice for any construction site engineer, thanks to its robust build, rigidity and longevity. Salient features and commendable technical specifications make our machine a popular choice in the construction industry. The machine is manufactured and maintained to the highest standards of quality and safety by a team of skilled professionals. Hence due to its exceptional durability, reliability and easy operability, Jaypee® concrete mixer machine is an essential piece of equipment in the construction industry.