Bar Straightening and De-coiling Machine


JAYMAC® Automatic Steel Bar De-coiling Straightening and Cutting Machine is an innovative design for straightening round steel, hot and cold rolled rebar, ribbed steel and thread screw steel. Used for building construction and by steel rolling mills. This automatic machine has high traction speed, straightening stability and cutting for working in a better, safe, and continuous output.

JAYMAC® Bar De-coiling and Straightening Machines are highly praised in the construction industry for its top-notch quality as per rules set by international standards. Manufactured by employing high-grade raw materials and the latest technology, rebar Decoiling and Straightening machines have long useable lifetime and easy to utilize. These machines are manufactured in huge quantities and are exported mainly in European, Gulf and Asian countries.

The speed of the machine is 55m/min with flying shear & advance PLC Control Panel, capable of cutting 99 different lengths up to 99mtrs in a single setting. Hyperbolic Roller is used for accurate straightening without causing any damage to the rebar. With such specifications our machines pick up a portion of the workload off the manual labor thus eliminating fatigue and giving better output to the client. Our excellent after sales service have made our existing customers our permanent buyers as well.

JAYMAC® Rebar Processing Equipments are economical, technically advanced and is designed to be very fast, reliable and powerful with minimal employment of labor for the given task.