Automatic Batching Plant (Reversible / Pan)


ABP20MR Automatic batching plant by Jaypee® provides a cost-effective complete concrete producing solution. The innovative design of the plant with a pan mixer and also reversible type provides easy and low-cost transportation and mobility for the complete unit. Automatic batch mix plants employ computer-aided control to assist in speedy, precise measurement of input elements as well as tie together the various parts and accessories for coordinated, secure performance for longer functional life.

The sturdy construction of the concrete processing equipment helps in maintaining a low cost of production and least usage of labor requirement by our clients. With our automatic batching plant, you can effectively get rid of the unexpected construction problems and sudden cost overruns that could delay your project start-up dates and raise the planned budget. The batch mix plant is pre-assembled and factory tested before shipment; thus, the guaranteed way to rapid on-site setup and startup.

Automatic Batching Plant is used to transport the ingredients for making concrete or to prepare concrete for further processing. Operated automatically, the output of these plants can be up to 20 cum per hour. For better mobility, this plant is provided with pneumatic wheels.

Its automatic water dispenser is a great advantage in handling optimum water spraying throughout the concrete mixing. For easy discharging to concrete pump and tough rider, a suitable discharge height is maintained. With its hydraulic components, the whole processing looks simple while handling complex tasks. Our batch mix plant comes with 4 bin hopper, capacity up to 8m3

Modern concrete plant control systems are typically able to store a large number of mix designs, having a memory of specifics of each batch produced, integrate admix and moisture probes to enable precise mix control, and in some cases interface with accounting and other software. The addition of safety switches to prevent accidental operation reduces hazards for your employees and may even reduce insurance rates. One of many important considerations when purchasing a control system is the level of understanding the representative, dealer, or manufacturer selling the product has in its operation and setup.