Rope Suspended Platform Hoist


Jaypee now brings to India the most advanced Rope Suspended Platform Hoist. With features like safety lock model, advanced Electrical control system with anti-tilting, rope break, high quality steel wire rope and optional overload sensor. Also referred to as Gondola, these hoists are used for maintenance and decoration of the outer parts of high rise buildings. A Rope Suspended Platform Hoist can also be described as a temporary structure attached to the building for alteration and demolition of the construction.

Gondolas are widely used for repairing work, maintenance of a building, installing the billboards on high rise towers, welding, cleaning and painting for large ships and more. Jaypee India uses high quality materials like stainless steel and aluminium to manufacture these suspended rope platform hoists. A stringent quality check is done to ensure the strength parameters and provide just the very best to the customers.

The suspended rope platform hoist from Jaypee, one of the leading platform hoist exporter, comes with some unique features to support the growing demands of the contractors and engineers. These Rope Suspended Platform Hoists from Jaypee come in three unique models to meet the unique site requirements.

These different models of the equipment vary in size, loading capacity and speed.

  • JSP1000
  • JSP800
  • JSP650

Keeping in mind the risk associated with the construction and maintenance of high rise buildings, the expert engineers from Jaypee have installed several safety features in this equipment.

Hence now reduce unplanned leaves caused by accidents and enhance employee satisfaction with innovative Rope Suspended Platform Hoists from Jaypee.

Safety Features:

  • Anti-Tilting Safety Lock for Rope Breakage.
  • Electrical Control System.
  • High Quality Steel Wire Rope.
  • Optional Overload Sensor.
  • 3-8 Degree Cable Locking Angle.
  • Advanced Suspension Mechanism.

These Rope Suspended Platform Hoists from Jaypee are also energy efficient, using less energy to operate.

Jaypee is a leading hoist manufacturer, specializing in the manufacturing of frequency conversion hoists and material hoists which are durable and high capacity load bearing equipment.