Hydraulic Concrete Boom Placer (JHD13)


Jaypee® Hydraulic Concrete Boom Placer is an equipment that aids in delivering concrete through a chute to places that are inaccessible by any other machine.
It facilitates static concrete pumps to push the Concrete mixture to high rise buildings. With proper combination of engine power of the concrete pumps and efficient placement of displacement pipes, builders can reduce friction and eventually increase effectiveness of Concrete Boom Placers.

Strategic placement of self climbing Hydraulic Concrete Boom Placers are of paramount importance since the uplift capacity of static concrete-pumps have certain limitations. Placing Boom Placers at certain vantage points not only aid the pumps function optimally but also expedites the process. So it is always advisable to use Boom Placers for faster and more effective results.

The Jaypee® Hydraulic Concrete Boom Placers are easy to install, dismantle and transport thus give it an edge over others. Its 3600 articulation capability ensures uniform distribution of concrete at the construction sites. Its robust built and tested hydraulics ensures its longevity and stringent quality check protocols determine better performance throughout.