U Bending Machine


JAYMAC® U Bending Machine is widely used in various industries of the world. Our “U” Bending Machine is designed to bend 12mm long rebar upto 32mm. It is very hard to bend a rebar to a “U” shape and this process used to be time and labour consuming thus increase the cost. Jaypee’s “U” bending machine can now make the process extremely simple making it time and cost effective.

With automatic U bending, economical power consumption and fast bending time, the Jaymac automatic UB 30 and UB40 U bending equipment gives TMT rebar rolling mills/TMT distributors etc substantial savings in manpower costs with high output possible. Our designed equipment is also extremely easy to operate and has inbuilt safety features for the users of this equipment. We also have TMT bending machines, also known as bar bending machines, are designed to last a lifetime, making them easy to use and very easy to use.

The equipment is manufactured to the highest quality standards at our state of the art manufacturing plant at Kolkata with a guaranteed very long operating life.