Bar Cutting Machine


JAYMAC Bar Cutting Machine is robustly built to with stand the stress while shearing of rebar and various forms of steel bars.

Durable fast and easy to use, this machine gives a one-shot cutting operation with perfect cutting accuracy thus minimizing the use of labor and long drawn cutting process for single cuts.

This workhorse knows no stop as it can be effectively put to use for a constant round-the-clock production.

A high power torque generator in the form of a solid flywheel is what, gives JAYMAC Bar Cutting Machine unmatched strength and robustness. Shock resistant tool steel, duly heat treated, forms the innovative Eight Edged Blade giving longer operational life to the cutting tool.

Bar Cutting Machine is available in different models, for rebars with maximum diameter up to 28mm (Single Phase or 3 phase), 36mm, 42mm, 52mm and 55mm.