Automatic Batching Plant – 30


JaypeeⓇ ABP-30 combines all ingredients like cement, sand, admixture & aggregates to produce concrete. The final product is then transported to job-site by concrete pumps and transit-mixers. Our automatic batching plant provides concrete with remarkably good consistency. It has four compartments to hold sand and different grades of gravel. It has got a PAN mixer, driven by planetary gear-box, to mix cement brought through screw conveyer and ad-mixture along with water from a storage facility at the top. The entire recipe can be monitored and controlled remotely. The load cells, on each hopper measures and detects input, and prompts the operator to determine whether to activate the control of stirring sand & gravel or start screw conveyer bringing fly ash, cement to PAN-Mixer. Today’s construction industry increasingly requires consistency, homogeneity and short mixing times in industrial construction, giving our batching plant an edge over others in indigenity and longevity. ABP-30 is self-loading and suitable for construction sites where there is scarcity of labour & prevailing underfoot conditions are only suitable for earth movers.